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Opening in August for the 2023 – 2024 School Year!

Mayacamas Charter Middle School is a new free middle school option in Napa that will offer small school environment and provide a highly personalized program that differentiates instruction to meet individual students’ needs. Through project-based learning, online learning, and other engaging strategies, as well as an emphasis on students’ social-emotional development, Mayacamas will ensure students master state content standards and grow developmentally in an inclusive, welcoming and supportive school culture. 

MCMS will offer Napa families:

  • A FREE small middle school option in downtown Napa

  • A Core Mission of creating a diverse public school that reflects our community

  • 8:50am start time with longer class periods, and optional 7:55am supervised drop-off with breakfast 

  • Daily first period Advisory, on-site counseling, and social-emotional learning integrated into school culture

  • Student-centered personalized model with Individualized Learning Plans and 45-Minute Learning Lab 4 days per week

  • Project-Based Learning Model

Open Enrollment will begin in January of 2023. Please click the Enrollment tab to register your interest, and you will receive all enrollment notifications.

Questions? Please email us at

We are HIRING; please click here for more information.

Go Mountaineers!

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