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Use the button above to download the Comprehensive School Safety Plan. 

Mayacamas Charter Middle School Comprehensive School Safety Plan

Table of Contents

I. The Comprehensive School Safety Plan Overview     2

II. General School Information     3

III. Emergency Response Plan     4

     Safety Response Team     15

     Emergency Drill Schedule     15

     Training 15 Emergency Contact Datasheet     16

     School Maps     17

IV. SEMS (Standardized Emergency Management System Plan)     18

     Roles and Responsibilities     18

     Providing Shelter During An Emergency     24

V. School Safety Practices, Policies and Procedures     25

     Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting     25

     Suspension and Expulsion Policy and Procedures     27

     Notification of Dangerous Pupils     32

     Anti-Discrimination/Anti-Harassment Policy and Hate Crime Reporting     33

     School Dress Code     34

     Safe Ingress/Egress Procedures     34

     Campus Security     39

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